Workout buddy?

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Jan 7, 2013 7:51pm
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So I was desperate for a fitness change and found this...How does this whole workout buddy concept go? Is there one for diets? Lol I need one, I can't stop eating :-(
07 Jan
Most of us just email each other, give support, advice, and talk about workouts and what we've eaten for the day etc.
07 Jan
Oh interesting. Thanks for the info Kayla! Now how exactly do I find a workout buddy...
07 Jan
Just look at other forums for people looking for them or just make your own! you can email me anytime
07 Jan
I need people to give me grief if I've not done a workout that day if you're up 4 it ?! That's a start !
07 Jan
I'm in desperate need of a work out buddy as well if your interested just email me at