Teenager, wanna lose weight

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Jan 7, 2013 10:28pm
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Heyy :)
I'm a girl who is soon 15 years. I want too lose weight and have a flatter stomach. My weight before was 61 kg, now it's 57. I'm not a person who like food, I eat sometimes breakfast, but I eat dinner. What can I do too loose weight fast, I'm btw a cheerleader too.
07 Jan
Im 13 and asked that once and i got told to if u snack have some fruit not crisps or something like that don't skip breakfasts as it will give u energy if u don't feel like eating lot in the morning have a breakfasts bar or a banana or something like that when u r exerciseing give ur all free time just go for a run or cycle or do some exercise and eat more healthy things cuz u can get magazines that have good food that doesn't have much fat in and that its not much but i...
07 Jan
Hi Jeannette! It's awesome that you want to be fit. Because you are a teenager and therefore in a growing phase, weight can be an even more deceptive number. it's important that you keep an appropriate caloric intake for an active youth and eat nutrient dense foods. Also extremely important for a young lady is calcium rich foods. Just a reminder, if you are active and eating healthy your weight might still increase if you grow taller. I know pressures of physical appearance can be overwhelming, but your health is more crucial. good luck :)
07 Jan
Sophie is on it! Try not to skip breakfast, even if it's light.