DOMS relief

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Nov 22, 2014 4:17pm
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Hello everyone. It's leg day and I always dread it. I got doms so bad in my quads that it's hard for me to do anything for the next few days after. Does anyone have a good remedy for this they could pass on? My legs and I would surely appreciate it.

22 Nov
Ice bath, foam rolling(self massage) or light biking for 5-10 mintues. Drink lots of water, before, during and after
22 Nov
I got a recovery powder or you could use protein shake supplement. It stopped my whole body from aching so bad after workouts
23 Nov
Bike to get them moving and blood flowing...and do some leg stretches, drink plenty of water and get enough protein
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Nov 24, 2014 7:06pm
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Well I could massage em for u. Kidding haha. Rest water protein vitamins health stuff u know. Give time for workouts and time for rest. It will be all good eventually

24 Nov
A massage would be nice, but they are sore to the touch even. I've tried a lot of different things but nothing has helped to shorten my suffering past 3 days lol. I'm just going to invest in a nice walker so I can get around today haha.