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Dec 10, 2014 6:09am
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Have always had a really fast metabolism and now at 25 it's starting to slow down. I need to nip the fat in the butt before it becomes a problem. So.. quitting smoking and starting exercise for the first time in my life. Done one workout so far and it killed me. But will not give up. :-)

10 Dec
The more muscle you have (lean body mass) the more your body will need to metabolize fat and other energy sources. If you want to increase your metabolism, you need to build some muscle. There are some good beginner programs out there like Starting Strength or StrongLifts. You may also want to read The New Rules of Lifting for Women. It's great that you're recognizing things early and are doing something about it. Good luck!
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Dec 10, 2014 7:40am
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Green tea helps speed up metabolism!

10 Dec
Unfortunately I can't stand green tea :-(
Dec 10, 2014 11:31am
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Basically anything that keeps your heart rate going boost your metabolism, for example, coffee and cinnamon.
I know they're very good in boosting metabolism.

Cardio exercises also are effective.
They're easy and simple to incorporate in the daily activities.
They include ;

Brisk walking

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Dec 10, 2014 2:14pm
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If you don't really like green tea I'd try the blends with green tea from this company called English tea shop. They really don't taste like green tea to me, could be worth a shot.

Chili is also good for your metabolism.

10 Dec
Also oolong tea apparently, though I've never tried it