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Jan 8, 2013 9:09pm
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Sometimes after an intense workout I feel so terrible, idk how to describe it is not jst a tired feeling I feel like terribly weak exhausted like rly hungry, and my heart going crazy nd my head feels like heart beats... some1 know what im talking about? Why? Like I have to stop right away nd lay down... I hope some1 can tell me about it..

08 Jan
Are you eating anything before and after your workout? And how intense are your workouts?
08 Jan
Maybe do some shorter or less intense workouts?
08 Jan
I dnt eat right b4 my workouts cuz I cant workout until food digests, I had lunch like12:30 and I wasnt hungry neither b4 working out
08 Jan
Try eating a protein bar or shake because your body needs fuel to run off of.
08 Jan
yeahh I think im gonna start by doing moderate workouts nd later intense..