How much is TOO much?

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Dec 26, 2014 3:06pm
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I feel like all I really want to do is workout, so can anyone tell me how much would be considered too much? I don't want to overdo it and hurt myself or burn myself out on exercising and then not want to do it anymore. Thanks!

26 Dec
As long as you keep your form and don't do really heavy weights you're not likely to hurt yourself. You will more than likely be sore from working the muscles( I still get sore with new workouts and I've been working out for 18 years) but that is a good kind of hurt and different from injury. As far as the workout goes, do what you can. If you need a rest or can't do as many reps or sets as the program calls for, that is okay, you will work yourself up to it as long as you stick...
26 Dec
Thank you Brian! I don't weight lift, unless you count lifting your own bodyweight. I'm going to make a schedule for each body part I want to work each day, I had no clue you're only supposed to stick with one area per day!
26 Dec
Listen to your body, it will tell you if you're pushing to hard or need to take a rest