How to avoid eating unhealthy?

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Jan 10, 2013 2:44pm
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Anyone know of ways to keep myself from eating too much at one time or eating unhealthy foods? I am skinny and have always been and recently I had a baby so being skinny I take advantage of eating what ever but if I don't take care, maybe one day my thyroid will burn itself and I'll become overweight. I know how to eat healthy but how do I stop myself. From those cravings like tons of chocolate ?
10 Jan
To eat less drink a cup or two of water before you sit down to eat it will curve your appetite a bit. And the healthy eating I don't even have that one down, but I eat more home cooked meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
10 Jan
Hey I'm Itza .. I know is hard to stop eating but Everything is in your head . You need to manipulate your brain . If u want to eat something you need to tell your brain "NO" . It sounds stupid but trust me you jet use to It. but it works , and work out ..
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Jan 10, 2013 5:16pm
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Keep healthy food that you actually enjoy (Dont buy stuff that you really dont like just because its healthy 'cause you most likely wont eat it) prepared in the fridge. Like sliced cucumber or carrots for example. If possible stop buying unhealthy food to keep in your house and just buy healthy alternatives like dark chocolate which in small portions is actually really good for you! If you have a craving for something that is bad for you take one serving of it or less and put the rest away eat it slowly away from a tv or something distracting you from enjoying it and satisfying your craving. (When you finish think "mm that was good" not "mm i want more") Keep healthy snacks visible and easily accessable in the fridge or cabinet. Drink a lot of water, if possible drop soft drinks from your routine unless it is a special occasion. Hope this helps! :)

10 Jan
Wow that's a good idea I have lots of vegetables in my fridge but never thought of cutting them up and maybe putting them in Tupperware so I can see them. What the worst part is is that I am on food stamps so I can't afford a whole lot of healthy foods but on top of that my family doesn't eat that healthy. Well mainly my husband and he believes that meat is the main part of the meal and if there is no me and he won't eat. He is a big red meat lover thank you for...
10 Jan
Yay! Glad to help! And meat isn't bad as long as you keep track of portions for yourself. :) one serving is usually about the size of a modern phone, like an iphone. Haha and if the veggies ever sound bland to you adding lime or lemon and salt can help. Personally I like to add some mexican chilli powders too. Mm :9