Regaining control of my body again.

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Jan 23, 2015 11:26pm
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Due to medicine illness and working at home, so little movement I gained 40 kilos in 1 year weighing t day 100 kilos now. I hate it and feel my body work against me. I just joined worth pro plus and will start with programs and go from there. I hope to find inspiration and kindred spirits to motivate me. Christine

23 Jan
You got this! This app is great but remember its not just the app working, it's you putting your effort in it. Every one here is kind and supportive! So far using this app I have been seeing results and learning more about my body. Just have fun and good luck with your goals! Love your profile pic with the doggy! So cute. :D
23 Jan
Thank you so much for responding. Yes that is us at a dogshow:) I start Monday with my workout program and go from there. I like that this add gives me the v chance to workout in my own home. I will make a before picture to keep me motivated:)