Month 2 of my goals! My progress!

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Feb 23, 2015 9:22pm
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Getting ready to start my new program on Wednesday!
This first week will be my trial week of to see where I am on my weights! I will be doing single sets, supersets and giant sets!
I am looking forward to this stage to give my muscles a shock of there life!
My diet plan doesn't change as I have been doing very well on it!

24 Feb
Awesome job.. may I ask what your food diet is?
24 Feb
Oh and tons of water lol
13 Mar
13 Mar
Hang on! Go go go girl!
13 Mar
Thanks Herel & James ;)
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Feb 24, 2015 3:45am
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Hi Mary Jo
I have oatmeal and a banana in the morning for breakfast
I eat egg whites I do have a yolk in it!
I also make cottage cheese pancakes and you can't even taste the cottage cheese, there real yummy!
I eat lots of veggies(thats my new best friend)lol
Chicken breast, tuna, salmon(i do get creative with my chicken)
Rice and baked potato(i have cut my carbs as I have noticed it's making me too fluffy, for the time being)
Cottage cheese, yogurt, rasberries, bluberries and strawberries go in my yogurt or cottage cheese!
I do eat cheese, salads
Almonds, udo's oil 3.6.9 blend
I cook with nothing but olive oil
I have 6 meals a day now that is breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, supper, and I do have a protein shake!
My food is porpotioned and I do measure my yogurt and cottage cheese!
I am calorie counting at the moment!
You have to see what works for you, cause what works for me might not work for someone else!
I don't cheat very often I am not a junk food eater, but I do have cheat meals!
That is some of my food I

24 Feb
Oh I also have rice cakes with peanut butter (natural)
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Feb 26, 2015 2:36am
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Day 1
New program (getting familiar with it)
This looks easy but my muscles were totally fatigued!
Chest & triceps
increase weight as you go
Incline dumbbell fly (giant sets no rest)
Reps 15,10,8 drop set 15 reps
Incline dumbell press (giant sets no rest)
reps 15,10,8 drop set 8 reps
Close grip dumbbell press flat bench(giant sets no rest)
Reps 15,10,8 drop set 10 reps
Partial chest fly flat bench (single sets)
These were
Reps 15,12,10,10 (my weight could not increase on the last set)
Decline pushups
Reps 10,8,6,8 (20 sec rest inbetween sets)
Single set overhead tricep extensions
3 supersets overhead tricep extensions & single arm kickbacks
Followed by dips and ins & Outs(no rest inbetween sets) your wiped
My dips were 4 sets of 10 ' s and ins & Outs 30 seconds
Followed by 5 sets each of
Leg raised crunches
Weighted Russian Twists
Weighted side bends
Let's see how sore I am tomorrow for shoulder day! ☺

26 Feb
I disagree... That does NOT look easy!
26 Feb
Scotty I thought I could use the weight where I left off in my first program.....ya wasn't happening by my third set I thought I was going to die....lmao I am actually looking forward to this I think it's going to shock the hell out of
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Feb 26, 2015 2:38am
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Good job!..keep it up and stay cool..u will achieve ur goals :)

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Feb 27, 2015 4:27am
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Day 2
Seated shoulder press - one arm (giant set no rest)
Reps 15,12,6
drop set 10 reps (lighter weight)
Side lateral raise & upright rows(superset)
Side lats-reps - 15
Upright rows - 15 reps
Side lats - reps 12
Upright rows - reps 12
Side lats - reps 8
Upright rows - 8
Drop set - upright rows (light weight) reps 15
Underhand press (giant set no rest)
Reps 15,12,10,8 drop set (light weight) reps 12
Front raise (giant set no rest)
Reps 15,12,8,6
Rear delt raise (single sets 20 sec rest)
Reps 15,8,6 drop set (light weight) reps 10
Dumbell shoulder shrug
Round 1 - reps 15, round 2 - reps 12, round 3 - reps 8
Drop set using same weight as round 2
Reps 10
Scap trap (single sets)
3 rounds - reps 15,12,10
Sagi six way (superset)
This was enough for me I really didn't do a AB workout (i did a plank challenge)
This program I am really feeling it, I thought again I could use weight where I left off......but nope, feeling those giant sets (some exercises I can, but I am pushing harder to get those reps)
This is going to be an awesome challenge! 

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Feb 28, 2015 3:00am
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Day 3
Took today off as I had a appointment, back at it tomorrow!

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Feb 28, 2015 7:43pm
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Day 4
Back & Biceps & ABS
Warm up and stretch
Dead lifts
Reps 15,12,8,6 drop set reps 10 (same weight as 2nd set)
Ez bar row (giant set no rest)
Reps 15,12,10,8
One arm row (giant set no rest)
Reps 15,12,8 drop set reps 10
Reverse flies standing (single sets)
Reps 15,12,8,6
Incline bicep curl (single sets)
Reps 15,12,8,6 drop set reps 10
1,1,2 hammer curls (single sets)
Reps 15,12,8,6
Ez bar curl (single sets)
Reps 15,12,10 drop set reps 8
Finished off with my own AB workout
I pushed myself with using heavy weights! I love back and Biceps!

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Mar 1, 2015 5:26pm
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Day 5
Legs (1 hr)& 30 mins cardio
Leg day exercises as follows
Warmed up
Sumo squats (weighted dumbell)
Alternating lunges (weighted dumbells)
Swinging kettlebell squats
Parallel squats ( weighted with bar)
Bulgarian squats
Straight leg dead lifts (weighted with bar)
Single leg calf raises
Two leg calf raises
It was a good leg exercise, I pushed hard!

01 Mar
That's gonna hurt tomorrow
01 Mar
I thinks so Scotty!
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Mar 3, 2015 3:40am
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Day 6
Completed chest, triceps & AB workout!
This program is kicking my butt in a good way!

03 Mar
How are the legs feeling? Mine have been seizing up this evening so tomorrow is gonna be 'interesting'.
03 Mar
There movable. Your program looks good Scotty, can't wait to see all the results! Nothing like a good workout!
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Mar 4, 2015 1:34am
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Day 7
Shoulder day
I don't know what it is about I ever love doing shoulders! Was a good workout!

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Mar 5, 2015 1:45am
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Day 8
30 mins cardio

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Mar 6, 2015 5:45pm
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Day 9
Had it off as my dog came home from having physio and she was sore and wanted will be back at it, if she allows me too....she is real sore and I can always work out, at the moment if she needs me so be it! ☺

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Mar 7, 2015 2:39am
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Day 10
Completed back, biceps and ABS

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Mar 7, 2015 4:31pm
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Day 11
45 mins cardio
45 mins leg day
I had a incredible workout today!
On with my day, my fingers are crossed for my dog today off to the vet I go!

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Mar 9, 2015 1:29am
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Day 12
Took today completely off
Even had a cheat day
Felt excellent to do nothing but cuddle with my dog!
Back at it tomorrow, along with clean eating!

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Mar 10, 2015 1:38am
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Day 13
Worked my butt off today! Chest, triceps and ABS!

10 Mar
As if there's any other way to workout?!
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Mar 11, 2015 12:50am
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Day 14
Got the best news ever.....the lump my dog has isn't cancer. to work on her getting strength in her back leg again....get this FCE under control for her!
With that I did cardio and Abs today!

12 Mar
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Mar 12, 2015 1:42am
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Day 15
Had a awesome workout tonight!
Completed shoulders & ABS

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Mar 13, 2015 12:46am
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Day 16
I am rolling along here!
Completed 1 hr Back & Biceps!

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Mar 13, 2015 5:15pm
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Mar 14, 2015 1:34am
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Day 17
Completed leg day and 1/2 hr cardio
Hope I can walk
Have a fantastic Friday evening!

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Mar 14, 2015 4:06pm
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Day 18
Completed 45 mins. Cardio & ABS
Have a great Saturday!

14 Mar
You too
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Mar 15, 2015 3:32pm
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Day 19
Was suppose to have complete rest today but I felt energetic!
Completed 45 mins cardio and a few challenges!
Happy Sunday Everyone!

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Mar 16, 2015 2:04pm
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Day 20
Taking today off as my lower back is real sore! Will do some stretches to try and loosen it up!
On the bright side of things bought more plates and heavier kettlebells!  Yup winning!
Have a fantastic Monday! ☺

16 Mar
my lower back on the right side has been sore for the last few days as well so I feel ya pain! I'm just taking painkillers when needed and pushing through & a bit of foam rolling if required. I've really begun enjoying using the kettlebells at the gym, and found a way to do kb swings that really work my obliques (kinda like woodchoopers) and my obliques have been sore all week but I love the way its beginning to shape them! anyways.. I'm rambling! have a great Monday
16 Mar
Ya mine is on the left side, I can't lift anything, I have a few twitches going on, so I am going to let it rest before I tear the muscles I like kettlebells you can do a lot with them and really feel them working! I Also use them also on russian twists! I was a happy girl buying new stuff, means I am moving Your never rambling only when your Have a good one Scotty:-)
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Mar 17, 2015 5:11pm
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Day 21
Taking today off due to my lower back, I think I will be good to go tomorrow! I am really itching to do some cardio, I will see how I am doing after work!
On the bright side of things I think I am getting a new elliptical, early Easter present. ....zing WINNING!
Happy Tuesday Everyone!