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Feb 25, 2015 1:40am
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So I'm working with my mom and trying to help her lose weight. She's 4"11 and weighs about 156 lbs. She has a 33% body fat and is 44.
I have a few questions.
1. What are good apps for keeping a food journal? I'd need one that can count calories and preferably be pretty good at showing calories lost from exercise.
2. How often should I start her working out? I was going to do two walking days per week and at least one body weight session per week. (We did one tonight and she had a little trouble with most things) Do you think this is too much? Too little? We won't be able to walk much for a couple days because of dangerous conditions (Snow and ice everywhere)
3. Are there any foods she shouldn't eat other than the obvious? Cutting out ALL carbs will be near impossible, but I can get her to eat less and make them whole wheat. Her doctor told her not to eat bananas and some other things. (She'd very "if the doctor said it then it's 100% true) She works at the doctor's office too so she can ask questions if she has any. I've started doing some food prep by just pre washing and cutting all my vegetables so getting salads done will be easy.
4. What do you think a good goal weight will be? She has 130 lbs in mind. I want to get her to a healthy weight for her height before getting her to stop worrying about her weight and focusing on her body fat. As I stated above, she has a lot and I feel that it would be better to get her weight down first then really focus on gaining muscle.
5. To go along with 3, how many calories should she eat a day? She was told something around 1200, but I feel like that's a bit low, even if losing weight. She's getting an appetite suppresser in a couple days to help her eat less. I don't really know what would be good, I just know what is good for someone my age and size and activity levels.
6. Are there anything else you think I should be focusing on? She already drinks about seven cups of water a day, I'm going to try to get her to drink at least a cup more in the morning. Her bladder isn't very big so she can't have any before bed. She also can't have tea or coffee due to religion. Other than that, anything should be fine. She also has back problems and is going to a chiropractor tomorrow to get help with that. She said that yoga helps her back so we'll probably do a lot of that.
I know I'm not certified or anything, but I have been doing this on and off for the past twoish years and have been trained and am currently being trained by someone certified. (That's through my school so it doesn't cost me anything. We don't have enough money to hire anyone) I really want to help her since I know it bothers her a lot and it would make her really happy if she lost weight. She just needs help. We don't have a very good relationship and I'm leaving for college in August so I feel like this is my last chance to really do something for her..
I know this is long, but if you could help me that would be great.
Thank you so much.

25 Feb
I really enjoy my fitness pal for tracking my food. I had a 1200 cal diet I followed and it wasn't that hard once you get use to it. I try to keep breakfast around 150 cals (poached eggs are good). Under 300 for lunch (I look for Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice frozen meals for lunch). My morning and afternoon snack under 100 (I like a yogurt or an apple. Maybe a cheese stick). That still leaves roughly 500 to play with for supper. I think walking a few times a week is a good start. You don't want...
25 Feb
Apportioning the calories so there is room for a late snack also is okay. Latest medical thought is: it doesn't matter WHEN you eat, but the daily totals. If you eat many small meals, you don't get hungry, so you're less likely to binge. The 1200 calorie goal is not at all hard, I promise!
25 Feb
You have gotten dome good responses thus far. You should read Scotty k ' s "want to lose or gain weight" post. It's very helpful. Aldo I use the my fitness pal app. It tracks calories, exercises, and calories burned. Hope this helps
25 Feb
That should have read..some good responses....
25 Feb
Food wise its best to do multiple small meals (6-7) a day instead of 3 large meals. This helps regulate the metabolism more, and will help negate storing fat in the body. When we go for long periods with out eating our body's will start to store food as fat the next time you eat, because it feels that there might be a long wait before eating again. Body weight training has the beauty of being adjustable on difficulty, if the work out is too hard then look at ways to make it slightly easier with a couple more reps....
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Feb 25, 2015 1:43am
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Lose it and full fitness are great tracking apps
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Feb 25, 2015 9:28am
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I use myfitnesspal and i think it's great

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Feb 25, 2015 11:14am
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I just want to say it's a wonderful thing you're doing helping your mom. The best of luck to both of you and I hope this will bring you closer to each other too.

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Feb 25, 2015 7:23pm
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Just checking in to let you know you and your mom have support.  If you search online or on Myfitnesspal,  you can find bmi calculators that let you put in height,  weight,  and age to let you two know where she is on her fitness journey.  They also link to suggested healthy weight ranges.

25 Feb
My fitness pal is really good for thst i've just got it . It will really help u keep track of your daily food intake :-)

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