Stomach probs and workouts

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Feb 26, 2015 10:02pm
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Hey guys and gals I need a little help I am not sure what type of workouts to do when my stomach is acting up from stress any ideas? Should I even be working out when my stomach acts up?

26 Feb
What do u mean acts up? Can u be more specific please? And it depends on u, if it is stopping u from workout pit at all then don't. But if it's minor and u can handle it then okay I guess. But the best thing u can do is go to a doctor and maybe he can even suggest if u should or shouldn't workout.
26 Feb
It makes me sick to the point where I can't even keep water down during a workout
26 Feb
Oh okay. Do u know what could have caused this, like food u have eaten or something
26 Feb
I suggest u stop and go get it checked out. No one here is an expert, this is just my opinion. But don't do this to ur self, go to the doctors and find out what's really wrong and if u should continue. Good luck
26 Feb
Thank you