Any swimmers out there?

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Feb 27, 2015 9:08pm
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I recently moved to Hawaii and prior to that I had never seen the ocean! Now all I want to do is be at the beach.

I've decided to start swimming as a fun way to workout. I'm looking for advice and for other people that love swimming. I'd like for us all to encourage and motivate one another.

Favorite styles?
Good gear?
Please share.
27 Feb
Welcome to the islands:)))
27 Feb
Swimmer here!
28 Feb
Life guard and swim team member here. Enjoy the water!
28 Feb
Thanks! I went for my first "real" swim today. It was more challenging than expected lol. Especially with salt water haha
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Mar 1, 2015 4:21pm
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I like to swim, I love doing the front stroke and back stroke.Also, I like to float on the water.
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Mar 1, 2015 7:27pm
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Swimming is my absolute favourite :)
I used to do diving(not completely sure what you call it in English) when I was a younger, now I go swimming indoors as often as I can! My dream is to live somewhere where I can go swimming all year round... :)