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Mar 10, 2015 10:06am

Hello all,

I've recently signed up to Workout Trainer.

I would like to change my sedentary life style or at least add some action to it.

I would like to loose some weight (around 10kg, that's about 20 pounds), but I try not to focus on that. I'm trying to focus on permenent lifestyle habit changes that should bring some weight loss through time.

I plan to start with:

1.) short excercise (8 mins hit) every day challenge that I've posted in challenge section, to create a new healthy habit, that can be done even on days when I don't have much time.

When I get confortable with 8 mins a day, I plan to increase it on 15mins, then to 20mins and so on.

2.) Walking challange (10 miles a week)



- eat whole food, mostly vegetables and fruits.

- beside white coffee (this one I can't give up yet) drink only water

- don't eat in the evenings, after 8 pm.


Right now I'm totally out of any action, absolute beginer.

That's my plan, do you have any advice for me? :)

P.S. english is my second language (if I sound weird or like a baby :) )

P.S.S In few months I would like to be able to do the scorpion pose from my profile picture.:)

10 Mar
Hi Daneejela... Your post is very similar to me. I just started Sunday and have the same ideas (including the coffee lol). I read your workout challenge post as well and think that's a great idea... I have incorporated 10-15 min excercises into my day as well as walking. I have always eaten relatively well but think I need to make minor changes. Good luck to you!
10 Mar
I think it sounds like a great plan! You don't have to give up everything to have a healthy lifestyle. I still drink coffee too. And have some chocolate occasionally. I've kept all of my vices, but instead of being mainly unhealthy and healthy sometimes, I'm living the other way around. :) Good luck with your goals!
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Mar 10, 2015 1:11pm
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Heey, by drinks you can add tea, or fresh home made fruit smoothies :) and walking with music is very nice to do!! Not eating after 8 does also works very good.. Good luck
10 Mar
Great tips, thanks! I haven't made any smoothie in a while, but I'm going to start doing it again. Do you maybe have some recepie recomandation for good smoothie?
10 Mar
It isn't hard to make, just putt some fruit you like in a blender and mix it :)
10 Mar
I drink also detox tea from Clipper tea.. Sleep enough and don't snack (when you snack eat fruit or a cracker or something like that)
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Mar 10, 2015 2:06pm

Sandra, Anna,

thank you for commenting and for your support! It helps me a lot to stay motivated! :) With you guys here, what previously looked like torture and pain, now feels like something actually enjoyable and nice. :)


thanks, good luck with your goals too! I will be checking you from time to time :) And about that challenge - feel free to jump in  any time with your exercices if you would want to :)

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Mar 10, 2015 2:07pm

Anna, that's perfectly said about living the other way around ("instead of being mainly unhealthy and healthy sometimes, I'm living the other way around")...I can relate to that view and I think that is the only way to keep ourselves on track over longer period of time.

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Mar 10, 2015 4:56pm
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You can make plan,but my only plan is that I don't make plans.Ever! If I do,then it'll fail.
Just put in your head: Why the hell I'm doing this!? Eating healthy,doing workouts,running like an idiot!? Because I want to be healthy,sexy,strong,powerfull,always positive.Because my body deserve only best.I deserve only best.Because I'm the best.

Simple as that.You don't need support that much,only need to be stuborn and never forget why are you doing this.
If you fail in your plans one day,keep it up,it's ok to fail.Just think about it like a lesson.
Good luck in your plan,I'm sticking to my formula which already works for 10 years.
And I also think my English sounds strange.heheh,where from!? Your name sounds like Danijela. if you are from my country then hell,why I'm typing English.

10 Mar
Ah, you said it very, very true...but I don't know why, planing helps me to stay focus or at least gives me that illusion, hehe :)
10 Mar
True, your tattoo is written on my language :) so, let's switch to cro :)
10 Mar
Sad sam ti vidila na slikama po tetovazi da si odavde odnekud :)  ja sam iz Hrv, ti?
10 Mar
Hrvatska....Split!! Kako je god tebi lakše,nađi neki svoj program.Ne pase svima sve
11 Mar
Bas je mali svijet :) Zagreb :) da, mantram si onu od nikea "just do it", za to mi se cine super ove kratke vjezbe tu u ovoj app, pa cemo vidit. Nedavno sam prestala pusit pa me jos drzi apstinencijski nemir i naleti energije, pa se trudim to kanalizirati kroz vjezbanje, iskoristiti momentum :-) tnx na komentaru i svojoj perspektivi