Food tips/workout recommendations?

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Mar 11, 2015 3:29pm
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So just hopped on here and excited to get some guidelines and advice. I'm trying to keep myself healthy and make sure my genetics and bad habits don't catch up with me. I've been working out on my own but never getting very far. I'm hoping to learn a lot and find different programs that get me where I want to be. If you have tips for a new mom on certain foods to eat I'm all ears (well eyes since I'll read it)! :P

11 Mar
11 Mar
Thanks so much
11 Mar
I'm. Thrilled with 2 changes to my die that are working for me. Oatmeal. I don't eat early about 9:30 am. Keeps me full till 1:30. Helps stop the constant fun search and thoughts of eating. Next is a sweets craving buster. I eat a serving of dairy in the mid-afternoon. It keeps down my sweet tooth. One more or two. Water most the time in really thirsty not hungry. And crystal lite is what I use for my sweet fix.
11 Mar
Food search* NOT FUN. I'm *Not in.
11 Mar
Not a bad thought...I might try the flavored water.