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Jan 13, 2013 1:51pm
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Hey awesome skimblers! Since Yall have been such an awesome help for me, I've recruited on of my best friends. She really wants to lose some weight but like so many can't keep the motivation. Unfortunately we don't live close anymore so we can't workout together :( so if Yall could follow her and help her stay motivated I would appreciate it! Melissa Watson, comment so they can find your lovely self :) and as always keep up the good work, and atop reading this and workout!__ thanks!

13 Jan
I'm new too! I'd be glad to follow her if she'll follow back!
13 Jan
I would be glad to help someone who needs a push
13 Jan
Thanks guys. As soon as she comments Yall can follow her. Her name is Melissa :)
13 Jan
Hey everyone :)