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Mar 15, 2015 12:42pm
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Ok I am older than most people on here....ya i am not in my 20 ' s or 30 ' s. ...we will leave it at!
I have been training for a very long time on and off! I had a set back last year due to my knee with my ACL! This year I decided my knee is what it is, no more excuses! I have to get it strong to build the muscle to compensate for not having a ACL!
I made this decision myself, motivate myself, I have set goals for myself, has it been easy, hell NO! At times I think what the hell why am I doing to this to myself....there is days I don't want to workout, I have even wanted to quit (I am to old to do this)
Why I don't quit, I feel alot better, I have more energy, I feel great after a workout, I like the accomplishments I see! I actually enjoy working out! Am I there.....NO
Long story short....whatever your reason is don't give up.....there is no magic pill out there to do it for us, it takes work, hard work!
When you start seeing your accomplishments, you won't want to stop, you will push yourself even harder!
What ever your reasons are, don't quit, it takes work, there is great support on here if you need it (Scotty your support and knowledge is amazing, I love your posts. ...I even chuckle....can tell when you haven't
Good luck to all who are serious and want to do there journey! Will love seeing your results!
Happy Sunday all!

15 Mar
Hey! I got a shout-out!! Keep up the great work & see you at the skimble gym!
15 Mar
Thanks Scotty you too! Yup the skimble gym! ;)
19 Apr
Great story. I myself am no spring chicken but i definetly feel better than i di 10 years ago. It's been 8 years for me working out. Going thru the motions for a very long time. I did anothet app but they countball kinds of things ad exercise. Well i never logged anything but workouts. Found this App sat on it for about a month. Started reading post like yours. It inspired me. Didn't take me long to figure out that Scotty and his wife where the power couple. I reached out to Scotty. He responded with open arms. It...
19 Apr
Ps it's not that i can't spell. It's that i can't see. Ha ha. Again the age.
22 Apr
Since you're using ''lol'', you can't be that old. ^^
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Apr 22, 2015 5:17pm
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Ok I am going to bump this back up!
The last little while I have been asked what motivates me!
I have watched people in my life battle diseases, cancer etc. They fight with everything they got, there brave and have courage, there fighters! Heart attacks can be controlled for some people if they were making the right choices in eating habits, some people it's genetics!
My golden lab has been battling at first they thought she had fce, her vet told me she wouldn't get worse, but over the last little while she is losing her movement in her rear legs, which means she probably has cancer in her spine which causes neurological damage! Watching her not give up, she still eats, plays and is happy as can be, yes I am not a dog, but she has taught me as tough as it can get don't give up! Through her I have learnt I can do whatever my mind let's me, she is like my motivator, and she is a (silly isn't it)
We and only us can control our health, even though we can't predict what battle we might face in life! We can control to be as healthy as we want to be! The choice is ours and no none can do that but YOU!
That's all I have to say! Have a great day!

22 Apr
Just wanted to add, my journey I have done without using any fat burners or anything else! It has all been by eating and working my ass off, pushing as hard as I can! Now if this last 5 pounds would cooperate, life would be great! LOL
22 Apr
Thanks Anita you too! You will be great inspiration to woman all over and some men as
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Apr 22, 2015 8:07pm
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MY Story
There's mine from Jan 2013 I thinkĀ 

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