Help! Need pushup improvement

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Mar 15, 2015 9:28pm
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So i know how to do a proper pushup and everything, but it just seems as if i can only do one and feel very fatigued! I used to be able to atleast do 10, but now ones hard enough. How do i improve my pushup stamina? HELP!

15 Mar
This is a case of practice makes perfect! Hold a plank as long as you can, 30 second break, do it again for 4-6 rounds. You could also hold a plank and slowly lower yourself to the bottom of the pushup (5-6 seconds) and see how long you can hold that, break 30 seconds, do it again. Once a week knock out as many as you can in 15 minutes breaking when you need to. Try to beat yourself each week.
16 Mar
Try an app called 100 push-ups. I love love love that app! It breaks it down into 'bite sized' sets, five total sets, with breaks. Check it out.