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Mar 20, 2015 8:33pm
via Android

Wont post every day but this is my personal journal. 21/3/2015
Just did dumbell greatness workout of 30 odd minutes... Feeling pumped. Eggs for brekky. Weighing 92.1kg at 183cm tall BMI of 27.5 with muscle of 41%... Whole day labouring on our property picking up firewood and then heap of work in our organic veggie patch.... Feeling good and feeling strong... No beer for about a week now. Not missing it... Looking forward to more health and strength... Loving being relatively fit in my 40s... Still a long way to go though

21 Mar
21/3/15 Smashed out 15000 steps today just working on the property approx 1100 Kcal right there... Also got all my surfboards up in new DIY racking... Nice one. Makes it do easy to pick the right board for the right conditions..:-) Chicken for dinner tonight steamed veggies and rice
21 Mar
22/3/2015 Hmmm heap of rain last night one of our drains blocked up... Garage is flooded.... Hmmm looks like my workout today is swinging off a mop... Wonder how many Kcals an hour are consumed by mopping
21 Mar
22/3/2015 91.4kg 27.3 BMI and muscle of 41% Still lost a bit yesterday even though I ate a heap more than planned... Gotta lay off the icecream and seconds on the chicken
21 Mar
22/3/2015 According to my BMI I am overweight however my nody fat % at 21 has me just on the high side of normal... I am targetting a Weight of approx 85 to 86 kg with a body fat % below 18 BMI and muscle % of approx 43 to 44% will be in the normal range for my age and height and I think I will be pretty happy and def more fit if I can hit these goals. Timeframe to achieve is 6 to 12 months
22 Mar
22/3/15 Just smashed out 30 min workout. Stationary bike situps pull ups light biceps and triceps.... 107 bpm on heart post workout
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Mar 22, 2015 3:01am
via iOS
Hey bro, I wouldn't put too much stock in your BMI number, it isn't a very good measure of health in my opinion.  I'd worry more about body fat and muscle %.  
22 Mar
Yeah I only use BMI as an indicator... I carry a bit of muscle so not necessarily a good indicator for me... For example I could be compared to another guy of same age height and weight who has absolutely no muscle tone and comparitively I would be doing ok... Cheers for the advice though

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