After three days off...

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Mar 21, 2015 5:49pm
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I did minimal workouts in the last three days off from work, getting my house into shape is a great workout, and with Passover right around the corner it's a good time to get some spring cleaning done! Working out this morning however, was PAINFUL! And getting back into the routine is going to be difficult, I can't take a break from this, it's to easy to slip. 5am, EVERY DAMN DAY!

21 Mar
Get on that horse and ride! I know I'll be in the same boat come June as I have my annual guard training bit if we remind ourselves of WHY we are doing it, might help to keep us on track ;) you got this :D
21 Mar
I'm already fearing six days without working out in June bc of Sweden Rock festival! How am I going to make it?! I'm gonna have to do squats and calf raises while drinking beer. Jog on the spot standing in bathroom line. People are gonna think I'm crazy.
21 Mar
I'm worried about April as going abroad from 12th until I type I'm trying to sort out a realistic plan so I don't stop and mess up all the hard work done! Really don't want to stop my routine...
21 Mar
Found a 'travel ready' program. Will see if any good. Could use with my normal quick ones. Plus will be walking a lot. That should help. :D
22 Mar
It's do easy to slip, but like Anna said, don't forget why you started, I can't throw away my program, because that would be throwing away half of my goals!