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Mar 24, 2015 2:12pm
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Guys what are good workouts to get rid of muffin top? I tried crunches but don't think is enough.

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Mar 24, 2015 10:31pm
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Lower Ab Massacre
Intense six pack workout
These workout are good for toning the lower abs

25 Mar
I will start
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Mar 24, 2015 10:56pm
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In fact a whole lotta crunches will not make your muffin top vanish.

Basically muffin top is fat. Fat is a surplus of energy stored by the body for bad times. Every day you consume more than your body needs to function properly, it takes the extra cals, converts them into fat and stores them in depots all over the body. Where these depots are and which of them are filled first and most depends on your genetics. There's fast depots and slow depots, which of latter are the assets of the last resort.

To now lose your fat around the hips (or from any part of your body) you need to invert this process - you simply have to burn more than you consume to force your body to shred down the depots to be able to provide the energy needed.

So basically there's two points of attack:

First is your intake. Watch what you eat, take it down resp. have e.g. one of the manifold apps out there calculate it for you. Be serious with your tracking - there's no use in cheating and leaving away the chocolate bar - you're only betraying yourself.

Second is your energy demands. Your metabolism has a certain level of cals it needs to keep you alive - the basic metabolic ratio - which is the amount you will burn each day just by breathing with no movement whatsoever. As soon as you start moving this demand goes up. The highest energy requirements (besides brain which can only be influenced lightly) is in your muscles. The more muscles, the more energy is needed. Building up muscles (and I'm not talking bodybuilders) therefore is key to rise the energy burnt - both in rest and in movement! To be most effective, focus on the biggest muscles of your body which is bum and legs. Additionally, add a good portion of cardio - your heart gets pumping, uses energy and will even create an afterburn effect.

Last and most important: be patient and enduring: your body needs time to change your metabolism and build up muscles. Give it at least 3 months of training, 3 or 4 times a week for at least 30 mins.

Also stick with clean eating - there's no bad in cheating with a cheeseburger once in awhile, but keep in mind the big picture. You will win or lose the race not with the stuff you eat between Christmas and New Year's Eve, but with the stuff you eat between New Year's Eve and Christmas!

Good luck!

25 Mar
This seems really helpful, thanks!
25 Mar
Welcome. Enjoy your journey!