Easter... A time to be greatful

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Apr 4, 2015 11:08pm
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These are the things I am greatful for but what about you....?

Easter is upon us and I am feeling blessed for so many reasons....

For a wonderful wife who loves and cares for me despite my faults...

For an awesome daughter who is the centre of my world...

For my furry mate who is always up for a game or a scratch behind the ears

For my wonderful parents and wonderful sister...

For my awesome inlaws...

For my nephews and extended family..

For fantastic friends who are always there.

For the uncrowded waves I get to surf

For the work I get that sustains us.

For being blessed with a strong body and mind.

For the awesome part of the world I live in. And for the land I live on which keeps me from the suburban rat race and allows me to grow good tucker...

For the wonderful community I live in where people like a chinwag over a fenceline and who smile and wave when you drive by.

Oh and for coffee... Really greatful for that

So much to be greatful for. So cheers all

Hope you all have an awesome Easter.

05 Apr
Goddammit Glen. You make me cry. I'm blessed for all that and much more. I'm blessed to be.
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Apr 4, 2015 11:29pm
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Awesome mate way to look at your day.