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Apr 5, 2015 1:45am
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So, I've started this "Program" thing with my mom (Officially start tomorrow) I'm normally pretty healthy, so this is more for her than me. But basically it's gluten and dairy free (I'm going to be very lenient on that, so just less than normal) and very plant based. It also comes with these fancy multivitamins and shakes (I'm only taking the multivitamin) that are supposed to be top grade or whatever. We're also supposed to do some kind of exercise everyday, 8-10 cups of water, you know, basics.
Anyways! I just want to do this to keep up with progress and whatever for me. I'm not really going to do weight or measurement stuff, just how I feel. (And maybe if my skin clears up any aince this is all supposed to help that!)
I'll probably just put down what I eat and how I feel in the morning, midday, and before bed. I don't really expect anyone to keep up with this, but yeah. Just expect to hear from me a lot over the next few weeks! (The "Program" is 30 days and supposed to be a habit by then and slowly adding certain foods back in like eggs and meat, so definitely at least 30 days~)
Thanks for putting up with my rambling, I have you all have a wonderful morning/afternoon/day/evening/night~

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Apr 5, 2015 1:52am
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Good luck with it 
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Apr 6, 2015 12:20am
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So Day one is over! Haha, it felt like any other day (Except I didn't do my homework, oops) Anyways, I think I ate wellish today, it is Easter so I had a few mini Kitkats and a bit of cake, but other than that I think I did reasonably well.
I had a shake for breakfast since I woke up late and it was a lazy day. Though it was a pretty good shake so I think it makes up for it. Cx
For lunch I made some fishless fish (it's vegan) and some roasted veggies. Pretty basic lunch for me, I normally  make it a small meal. I took my vitamins during this time, though I'm supposed to take them in the morning, oh wells.
I had a big salad for dinner with some Italian dressings. I'm going to try to have a salad for either lunch or dinner every day so I did good on my first day.
I went for a half an hourish walk and exercised for about 45 mins, mostly arms since those are what I'm focusing mainly on right now. (I need them to look good in my prom dress since they're be the only thing really seen!)
I probably didn't actually eat enough today, I normally  don't, but I'm trying so hopefully that gets better throughout this whole thing.
I didn't drink quite enough water today, only like six or seven cups. But! My pee (yes, that stuff) is pretty clear so I guess that that's enough for me.
I don't really  feel any different  today from normal. A couple hours of feeling pretty depressed, a couple hours of laziness, a little bit of feeling like I can do anything. I think I was a bit less tired today, but that's probably just because I slept a lot. (About ten hours, yay weekends)
So yeah, that's my day one! I think it was pretty successful~

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Apr 6, 2015 12:59am
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Keep it up

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Apr 8, 2015 2:09am
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So i know I didn't say anything yesterday... it was a rough day.. Today was too in the morning, but I fixed (hopefully) what was wrong! So yay~ Though yesterday I ran/walked 2.5 miles (run 1/2 mile, walk 1/4 mile) and lapped everyone in my gym class! Was pretty proud of that.
Anyways! Today! I thought I ate enough today, but I guess not. I had a shake for breakfast (woke up late), had half a large apple and carrots and hummus for snack (and some airheads, but we can just forget about those. (; ), I had some homemade chicken nuggets for lunch and some pudding between then and dinner. I made a Chinese stir fry with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and vegan chicken for dinner (I prefer the vegan stuff over the real stuff) with some quinoa. Then I had a rice cake with peanut butter for snack. Though I'm still kind of hungry still, but it's too late to eat or I won't sleep too well. I didn't sleep well last night. I had a bad migraine around 7 and went to sleep, woke up at 11 and couldn't fall back to sleep until about 4, which is around the time my sister's first alarm goes off (She has five between then and 5:30) so it wasn't a very good sleep. That kind of thing has been happening for awhile though. I think I might try some herbal teas to help since my parents don't like sleep medicine.
I ran 1/2 a mile today before doing some squats, bench presses, and pull ups. (The people in my class are kind of lazy so it's hard to get much done, though I was able to do more weight than normal on my squats) I did a quick workout a few minutes ago and might stretch before bed.
I had almost enough water so far. I had eight cups, but since it was kind of hot today I probably should have more to make of for what I lost during my exercises.
I don't really know if I had any more energy than normal today since the morning was kind of sucky and all I wanted to do was stay in bed and not move. I did take my vitamins during breakfast, though I can't really say for sure that are doing anything yet. Though it is only day three, I'll have to wait and see.
My mom is doing pretty well with her part of it. She hasn't weighed or measured herself yet and she said she'll start exercising once I get back from my college trip this weekend. Though I think she has been walking during her lunch break.
Well, that's all I have for today, hopefully tomorrow will be better~

08 Apr
Your log may help you find your triggers for migraines. Sometimes it's a food, sometimes sleep patterns, sometimes how well hydrated you are.
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Apr 9, 2015 11:49pm
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I'm really bad at this, haha. I can just do it every other day and call it good. I've just been having some seriously bad migraines still and it hurts more looking at my phone while typing this. But I'm good now, so here we go!
I've worked out these past two days. I ran a mile or so yesterday and did some body weight exercises with my friends during my class, but wasn't able to do anything at home because of my head. I did mostly heavy (For me!) Weights today. During my class it did mostly squats, I was trying to get to 30lbs on each side (So overall 105 lbs), but only got to 25lbs. :/ I struggled a bit on them and could only do five (I try to do eight each time). Maybe I'll get it next week! I did some arm work outs just now at home and some leg and ab work. I really want to get stronger arms mostly right now since my core is pretty good (not great, but better than it was) and I've progressed a lot on my legs already.
I haven't been eating much the past two days due to depression and my head, but when I did it was fairly healthy. Could have been better, but when I get like them I have no motivation to do anything so I do what I can. I did take my vitamins both days which is good.
My sleep is still kind of iffy, but better than before.
I did drink ten cups of water yesterday, only six today, but I still have two and a half hours before I go to sleep.
I think my headaches are due to stress, anxiety, and depression. They're worst when home. (My family is the main cause of my above problems, but that doesn't really need to be talked about) It's been really nice lately so if I can get the motivation to get up, I'll go outside to get things done.
Random stuff, I'm starting to learn the guitar, I was told it's really easy, I'm getting  better at my Spanish, though my Turkish is still pretty bad (the sentence structure is what mainly gets me), and I'm visiting my college Sunday to Monday so hopefully I can relax a bit and meet some people who will be going there in August too~