Lost 50kg, never worked out

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Apr 13, 2015 7:25pm
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Hi there!

Im selima and im new here!
I started using s health a couple of days ago. It really motivates me.

I have never worked out in my LIFE.
Yesterday and today i burned about 50kcal on walking/running and 20kcal with this app (also 700kcal on counting steps)

I just feel like sharing this.
I hate working out. But it really motivates to see the kcal. (With the samsung gear fit)

Im pretty happy!!

I eat about 1500kcal a day and hope to continue to do small workouts and hopefully someday i will start enjoying it!

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Apr 13, 2015 7:41pm
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Great.. Keep going.
Challenge yourself everyday. Go further, longer. Do more.

I use S health too. My greater number till now is 17100 step.  I try to do more. But never to go less than 5000 under any conditions.

What about Gear fit watch.  I want to buy one.. Is it beneficial & accurate?

14 Apr
Nice work. Stick with it and you will enjoy it! Even miss it if you skip or rest a day!
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Apr 13, 2015 8:30pm
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I set my goal on 2 times a week. Every kcal is one extra! So for the last 2 days it has been 5min workouts it total. But i hope to do a minute more every week!

Im on my feet allday so i on a working day i walk about 14000 to 17000 steps! Pretty nice!!

The gear fit is nice! Im not sure how acurate it is. But it keeps me super motivated to see how much i walk/burn and i like to take a sprint somerimes for some extra kcal. Also its great to see the notifications hahah

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Apr 13, 2015 11:21pm

impressive :) you have active work life I think to walk more than 14000 at least ... 

it's motivating to challenge yourself and have other buddies who compete with you .. 

more important than doing intense workouts ... is doing it consistently and being active every day as you can .. 

Have you ever tried Nike+ app? it's amaaazing too.