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Apr 26, 2015 8:23am
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So:D lots of people are having cheat day. Or they or on 5:2 diet.
So I dont eat normaly 5 days and Im not 2 days on diet.
5 days per week i eat lean food and on weekend I let myself to enjoy everything I want even if its really really bad food like : chips, coke, cakes and chocolate. And the thing is that you wont gain weight in 2 days or if you will, it will be +1kg. But after those 2 days of cheating, you have power for all other 5 days:D and you will loose some weight again.
So I dont know, but for me it works really well.i lost 8-9 kg from my biggest weight. And 5-6kg from my normal weight. :)
So you can let yourself enjoy not 1 day, but 2. And you can let yourself to eat everything you want!
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Apr 26, 2015 8:43am
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Yep that's how it works for some people (like us) we're lucky, others slowly but very surely gain fat from that.

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Apr 26, 2015 12:47pm
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It akso worked for me.i lost 10kg by having cheat day of menu like pizza..burger and other fatty things.:-D

26 Apr
U see??!! Its amazing!:DD
26 Apr
There's a long boring science behind it
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Apr 26, 2015 5:22pm
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Really? I've barely started keeping track what i eat since last sunday with myfitnesspal. I eat everything everyday (e.g. fast food, protein bars, protein shakes, homemade food) but with some emphasis on protein. I want to keep my diet like that without worrying too much on macros, or else it'll feel just like another chore for me. If I don't see small gains in weight from muscle mass after 6-8weeks, then ill try and switch over to that 5:2 diet..

26 Apr
5:2 diet is when you eat normally 5 days and 2 days you use only 500calories
26 Apr
I don't understand why "eating normally" to some people is fast food, sweets etc. Ricardo rule 1 of building muscle mass is watching your macro... In order to build LEAN Muscle mass you need an excess of complex carbohydrates in your body. Of coarse you can "dirty bulk" but don't expect abs to be visible and also you will gain plenty of fat with whatever muscle you build. Im not sayin there is anything wrong with that just wouldn't be my cup of tea to be honest. The way I see it is if I'm going to do something I...
26 Apr
All that diet 5.2 stuff is for weight loss not muscle building weight loss you simply a numbers game. Bulking is little bit more complex
26 Apr
Thanks. And weight loss arent just numbers..
26 Apr
Wow. Awesome.!I concede I didn't do more research on this 5:2 diet before commenting. My mistake. Anyways, yes that is what I'm trying to get to eventually, William. I've already noticed I get hungry more often now than before I began working out. I do plan on cutting down on the junk food but not all at once. I rather do it gradually..

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