Am i the only one?

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May 7, 2015 11:45am
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I haaaate exercising and i hate eating healthy food ... I tried dieting and it only lasted for 1 month and now all of my hard work is gone .. Mmm so now im trying to at least exercise few times a week while listening to music but i have a goal that i really want to reach but idk what to do ...
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May 7, 2015 12:11pm
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What's your goal?
My diet is using a calorie counting app (my fitness pal) primary & nutritionist.....exercising (yoga....Pilates.....meditation.....walking)

07 May
My goal is to weigh 60 kg my sis said that my body was perfect that time but i have no idea how ill achieve it
07 May
I eat whole grain oats (chewy granola bars & cereal) that's my sugar intake......vitamins & minerals supplements (prescription only)......fiber & water (helps you to fill full & eat less).....
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May 7, 2015 12:52pm
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Instead of dieting, you gotta just change how you live. Now, don't get all negative on that idea like "but i LOVE ice cream too much!" I ain't talkin bout hating ice cream I'm talking about learning how to love feeling good.   Small changes, that may seem not so great, but are small enough to be no big deal, until you have some basic habits that won't go away, like one snack per day of raw vegetables, or drinking more water instead of anything else... Doing like a two minute workout in the morning...

These things aren't big, but they are easy to get into the habit of doing, and changing habits is huge.

07 May
Yah i should do that ,, thank yaw im actually trying to drink 1 L of water per day and im trying to exercise at least 3 times a week ,, that should help a lil at least :))
07 May
I can't live w/o ice cream especially chocolate
07 May
Patrick.....that's great advice for all to follow.....fresh fruit & veggies are good for snacking
07 May
In the "workouts" section of this app, you can click "filters" and search for 5 minutes, and that will show you all the short workouts. You can specify equipment: none, and specify things like any body parts, or intense or casual... Just try a bunch of different short workouts. Pick one that sounds ok, and just do it. Maybe you can't do the whole thing or have to rest or don't know the right technique, but just try it. Do a different workout every morning for a week. Some mornings you'll want to skip it so pick like a 2...
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May 7, 2015 1:58pm
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Don't kill Yourself with overburden. .take it steps. . Workout once. .twice .. or'll practice more by the time. You'll addict to working out..



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