Losing thigh fat

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Jun 5, 2015 3:13am
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Anyone know an exercise to lose inner thigh fat please help

05 Jun
Just have to eat right goggle fat burning meal plan
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Jun 5, 2015 5:35am
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The idea that you can choose where to lose fat is a multimillion dollar scam. (think 'thighmaster') 

To lose fat you must maintain a caloric deficit. That means burning more calories than you eat. When you do this, you lose fat, but your body naturally determines where to lose it. You can't choose to lose from your thighs. This is why losing belly fat is the most difficult, sought after goal in fitness... Its the last place fat remains on most people, no matter how fit they are. If we could just lose fat on our belly by doing stuff like crunches, having a six pack would mean nothing, and you'd see people with perfect six pack abs and flabby fat arms... But that doesn't happen because fat is distributed throughout the body naturally. Visible abs only happen after the whole body fat percentage drops below a certain level.

A caloric deficit can be maintained in many ways, but exercising the part of your body you want to lose fat from is not the best.

The first and most effective step is to look at your eating habits and start cutting down on empty calories, and consuming more vegetables and water. It's extremely difficult to lose fat with exercise alone while ignoring diet.

Then, try HIIT exercises, long steady-state cardio, and big, compound, resistance (weight training) exercises.  All of these work to burn many calories.