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Jun 8, 2015 3:46pm
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Looking for a new work out partner online. Someone who likes to have challenges and be an over achiever and also give me advice and vice versa. Back when I was in 8th grade which was like a few years back I'm going to be a junior this year I decided I wanted to lose weight and I did but I did it for the wrong reason and I ended up gaining the weight back especially when I moved. I've tried and I've failed over and over but now I realize that this is what I want and I'm gonna fight for it even when it gets hard and I just need that little push and motivation when times get a little tough because I don't wanna fall off track and I want to become a better version of myself!
08 Jun
The main thing is you see where you went wrong and your trying to fix it. I am getting the gastric sleeve but I wanna lose some of the weight on my own so I don't have to get the surgery. I have a baby and two other children and I wanna be healthy for them. I'm here for you.
08 Jun
Thank you so much, and that's so true I hope all is well for you and I'm here for you too!
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Jun 8, 2015 4:20pm
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Hi there. So ima b a sophomore and in the summer after 7th grade. All I did was gain weight. Ive gone through phases, where i try to loose. I stopped eating for like 3 months but i saw that wasnt helping. I just wanted to fit in with my body and be comfortable with it. I hate feeling so insecure about myself. I've been trying for a yr to loose but I lack motivation so I give up and start over again. Its on and off. I'd like an online workout partner Id love to team up wit u.