Back on track!

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Jun 29, 2015 5:01pm
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So today im starting my diet and working out time again:D anyone from usa? Wanna join?
29 Jun
Great that you're working out again - but seriously: a diet?! I can't see where you should need to lose any more gram. Don't rush into eating disorder!
29 Jun
:DDD trust me, i nees some diet. I need to loose 5kg!
29 Jun
Trust me beauty: any gram you'd lose will make you just look skinny with visible bones (if not already). That's not beautiful, that just looks sick. It's your body and life, but I wouldn't want to end up in hospital... Stay as gorgeous as you are and keep working on your fitness!
29 Jun
:D well you never saw me in real life, so dont worry, im far from "bones" :D and i understand that bones dont look good:D but still:D
29 Jun
Fair enough, I'm only judging on pics. Still: don't overdo it. Good luck on your goals anyway :-)