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Jul 15, 2015 5:40pm


I've been considering starting to use the Workout Trainer app for a while now. The app seems great, but I'm curious about a couple of things that you might have the answer to.

In what way does the app track your long-term progress? I am planning to use the PRO version of the app, but I've just looked at the free version so far. In this version, I noticed that I was asked about my weight, which I guess is something that is tracked. I also see there's a "stats" tab, but this page only seems to track how many times I've worked out during the week.

In case the app doesn't have any other progress tracking features, does anybody know if this is something that is planned for future versions? And if not, is there any other app that could be used alongside it for such functionality?

So far, I've worked out at home and counted reps when doing exercises. In this way, I've been able to increase the number of reps after a certain period of time, and this is how I could actually notice that I was getting stronger. I realize the way the workout routines in the app are set up (with a fixed timeframe) makes it difficult to track progression in such a way, but some other feature that would make me be able to actually look back and see that I've improved would help a LOT with my motivation.

Another question is whether some form of gamification (as an optional feature) is planned for the app? (Such as gaining levels and getting achievements.)

Thanks in advance for your replies! :)

*edit: I wasn't sure where to put this question - sorry if it's in the wrong section.

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Jul 16, 2015 5:39am
via Android

I use a separate logging app to log my exercise weights and reps(Simple Workout Log), and I've never really seen anywhere where my weight I input would be relevant, except maybe in the calories burned calculations, which I don't even trust or use anyway, since it's very much an estimate anyway.

As for plans to further develop tracking and gamification, I dont know but can only hope for more and better.

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Jul 16, 2015 7:53am

Cool! I've checked out the logging app and it seems useful. I'm wondering exactly how you're doing the tracking though. Workouts in Workout Trainer usually tell you exactly how many reps to do in an exercise in a predefined timeframe, so it's not as much about pushing yourself to do more reps than simply switching to a new workout if the one you're doing is too easy. The logging app seems to focus on doing an increasing amount of reps in an exercise, thereby showing you your progress. What's your logging routine there?

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Jul 16, 2015 8:00am
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Hello :)

If you log in to the website you'd be able to see the statistics of your weight varying and the calories burned per week also, an estimation of course but still it shows like the intensity with which you've been working out (both not available on the app).
After completing a certain wo there's space for a note to be added, you could use that to take notes on how you did.
Example: 2 min elbow plank challenge workout, before posting it to your profile you could type in "1:56 today! Almost there, gonna try tomorrow again with my tri's being less sore hopefully". And that's it basically.
Oh, and here you gain points with each workout, also there are levels but not in this app, it's in the Sports Tracker I think, not sure though... I'm not using that one. But it works with the same Skimble account and points gained. Here what we have is a leaderboard which resets every month. There's one including all the members and one for your friends only (people you're following).

Hope I've been some help :)
Happy working out ;)

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Jul 17, 2015 1:59pm

I'm still not sure exactly how you're doing the tracking if you're also following the workouts from the app. Do you simply record the number of reps you manage to do in the allotted timeframe? Or have you made custom workouts which aren't timed, but where you instead do as many reps as you can, and then record them in the logging app?

17 Jul
I record the number of reps I'm able to complete or the time I'm able to hold a certain yoga pose and so. Of course I don't do this with all the exercises, but only with the most challenging for me
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Jul 18, 2015 6:59pm
via Android

I have found that for any strength building, reps based workout, I like to create my own, even if it's a copy of another workout I like, I prefer adding my own conveniences I've developed. I have made a few workouts in which i give myself the estimated amount of time i need to complete my reps.  I can adjust the time when I need to, like if my estimate was way off. I usually give myself plenty of time to do more reps if i can, or if I'm doing low weight that day. I often find myself pulling my phone out after completing a set, and skipping ahead to the end of the allotted time slot. I also follow my rest slots with a 15 second 'get ready' slot for at least two reasons, the first one being that I found I needed the audio cue to prepare, and the second reason being that I'm often distracted or winded after a set, and I don't immediately pull out my phone and cut the remaining time, but I have plenty of rest time in which to pull out my phone and wait until there is a similar time remaining in my rest slot, then cut it & skip ahead to the fifteen second prep slot, which gives me time to put my phone away and get ready up for the next set.

I don't track most exercises from pre made skimble workouts... When i was doing them regularly i usually just kept a mental note of how i performed at the most challenging exercise of the workout, and would just loosely observe my progress through seeing changes in that one exercise.

Hope this helps. Check out my created workouts if you wanna see examples of what I'm talking about.

19 Jul
Oh yeah, also, after every set, I open up the logging app and log the set. I use swipe pad for easy switching between my most frequently used apps.
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Jul 19, 2015 6:45pm

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for sharing your routine :)


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