Anyone with pain issues that contribute to weight issues?

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Aug 17, 2015 10:19am
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I have gained weight due to inactivity from pain issue and medication. Anybody have the same issue or know how to lose weight when you can't do much?

17 Aug
hmm I don't know if this helps but I have/had back problems, and so I had problems to move at all^^ I think you should start easy little steps. but I think the best thing would be talking to a/your doc, because of your medication. he knows what is the best to do. hope I could help :*
11 Sep
I have an inactivity issue due to pain. Yoga is about all I can do and most times it really does end up making me feel better.
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Sep 6, 2015 7:04pm
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I suffered pain cause artritis. Do you have a similar condition?

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Sep 10, 2015 3:53am
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I also have back issues.  I take it easy when my back hurts.  Listen to your body.  But having said that,  you have to stay somewhat active and cut food intake.  Research energy balance and keep a log so you know daily how you are doing.  If hurting just do what you can,  walk,  stretch,  etc. By not taking on extra calories in off days you won't gain weight.