Workout buddy?

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Aug 17, 2015 5:31pm
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I would love to find a buddy so we can keep each other accountable. Where I'm at: 30 year old female with a goal of losing 101 pounds. I'm already down 28 pounds in about 8 weeks via combining a variety of things that have worked to some degree in the past. I do keto but also add in a couple treat meals a week (try to keep it paleo), which makes me feel great physically and mentally. I also practice intermittent fasting with the same results. I've had problems sticking with any kind of exercise, but am finding if I do it in the last hour of fasting, it's easier to get started and I eat a decent amount of protein after.

Anyone on a similar path?

I'm also starting the Brazilian Booty Lift and 50 Push Up Challenge programs. I had been doing a general HIIT regime but got bored (wasn't one of the programs here).

18 Aug
I have started with a HIIT program and each day I logged this with the exercise. No one can motivate you more than getting up and start doing it. U can challenge urself by doing certain stuff untill as you said get bored. I challenge u to do cardio each day or an excellent HIIT program