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Oct 20, 2015 10:27pm
via iOS
My first day on this app and wow I love it not only a variety of plans for different levels and target areas but somewhere to chat with others with similar goals! I'm 24 and in 2012 in 5 months I lost 36 kilos... After my divorce in 2013 I put nearly all of it back on. Time to get back to fitness, at 103.6 kilos my first goal is to get down to 99.9 kilos by Nov 1. Im really excited hope you guys have a lovely and safe day x
20 Oct
Good luck! Sounds like you've got plenty of determination to keep you going since you've managed it before good on you!
20 Oct
Thanks hun :) since putting the weight back on I realise just how good my lifestyle was when I was loosing/ maintaining my weight...definitely in a better head space now and with my daughter going to big school next year I will have more time... So im taking the end of this year to go nice and slow and ease my muscles and body back into it and detox my body from smoking etc :) so excited!
21 Oct
It sounds like the perfect time to get started! I wish you all the best! Keep us posted on here with your progress :)