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Feb 5, 2016 5:40pm
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Hey guys! I'm looking for some friends, motivation and advice but mostly friends and motivation haha.

A little bit about me: I used to play soccer since I was 4 but recently stopped 2 years ago , I'm a huge gamer and I love video games (so if you have a steam, Nintendo, blizzard, or PlayStation account we should add each other ) and I also love metal and punk music. I reside in sunny Southern California with my boyfriend, so if you're around these parts maybe we can get a coffee or something!

My problem and why I need motivation: I suffer from some deep psychological issues and depression so getting up and active is very hard for me. I'm busy most days and when I get home all I want to do is lay down and play video games or sleep pretty much but I got this app to help me because I want to get an amazing body, it has been my dream for years. I strive for a magnificent ass, a bigger chest and a tone stomach so if you have any tips for any of those feel free to fill me in.

Anyways I hope that was enough and I hope I get to make some new friends!! Thank you all so much in advance haha

05 Feb
Welcome hope you love it here n feel motivated...really nice people here