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Mar 6, 2016 7:24pm
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I'm thirteen is that too young. In school i do hockey three times a week and gym twice a week so I always. Workout at least five times a week but I seem to still be fat. I'm. Not really fat I'm just in my ideal weight but my tummy is not flat and my arms are a bit pudgy. Any tips for toning and losing weight?
06 Mar
I guess you are also the type that lose weight hard but gain fast like me.. what helped me was a vegan based diet and low carb but if you don't want to resign meat than eat white meat like chicken breast plus a lot of protein! 'More muscle more calories you can eat' with low carb I mean to eat less grain not full resign. I did it to explore the vegetable and fruit world and I'm really glad that I did it!^.^ and with exercise I think you don't need to change anything just don't forget to challenge...