Any dancers or cheerleaders?

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Mar 23, 2016 2:32pm
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Hey boys and girls. I am both and wanted to see if anyone else shared my intrest.

23 Mar
I dance Argentine Tango! :D
23 Mar
Cool, ive never heard of it. What is argenitne tango?
25 Mar
I'm a dancer
29 Mar
Im a dancer and gymnast which is kind of like cheerleading
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Mar 24, 2016 10:41am

Argentine Tango is a improvised partnerdance opposite to sequential or choreographed type of partnerdances(but Tango can of course be choreographed and sequential too e.g. Ballroom Tango!!)

It is the "original" tango, and not what you see in 99% of movies with a tango dance or talent/dance shows, that is most likely Ballroom Tango or tango escenario/fantasia which is very different from Argentine Tango and its variations of styles.


Check out the Wikipedia articles they explain the general development of tango and Argentine Tango in particular, variations of styles included 

Also check these youtube videos with Argentine Tango and and variations of styles

First a bit of Tango dance history / Pre 1910 Tango Canyengue is basically a more simple type of "Tango" before it became tango Tango Canyengue(Choreographed))


And now for some of the Agentine Tango styles that is danced today(When you start to dance Argentine Tango you most often start out with Salon, Vals and Milonga) / 1910 - Present Tango de salon Tango de salon with modern tango elements Tango Vals Tango Vals Tango Milonga Tango Milonga with tons of Nuevo Elements


1950 - present Tango Nuevo with Traditional Nuevo tango music by the composer Astor Piazolla(he basically invented Nuevo Tango music) - 1950 -> Present Tango Nuevo With modern Nuevo tango music (and danced by the some of the best dancers when it come to improvisation) - 1990/2000 -> Present Tango Nuevo with Modern Neo/Fusion Tango music - 1990/2000 -> Present  Tango Nuevo with alternative music - 2000 -> Present


1980 - present Tango Escenario (Choreographed) Tango Fantasia (Choregraphed)


2000 - Present
Queer tango
This type of dance came to prominence during the new Milennium but has always existed, so it's basically just going back to the roots as tango started out with Men dancing with Men but now with women dancing with women too, and/or both genders dancing together but changing roles as leader/follower between or during the dance, which is what is to be considered the main thing Queer Tango is known by as a style. Queer Tango with Modern Nuevo Style of tango music Queer Tango with role change during the dance(Rolechange happens at 1:35, 2:34, 3:31 and 4:00)


And last but not least... Ballroom Tango, which is, VERY different from any other type of tango

But there are many more styles of Tango Dance and music, above is just some of the styles I dance(except for Escenario/Fantasia, Ballroom and Canyengue), hope it clears up what Argentine tango is and/or can be! ;)

26 Mar
Thats sounds so cool! Now i really wanna try dancing it. Thx 4 sharing
26 Mar
Wrong emoji lol,
26 Mar
Looks kinda hard u think i should try it somehow?
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Mar 24, 2016 11:52am
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I was in hip hop dance and cheer all through high school. As an adult, I've done bellydance..

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Mar 24, 2016 2:43pm
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Heyy I dance as well! Always wanted to try cheerleading but where I live it is not very common

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Mar 29, 2016 7:45pm

Hello Jenieve,

You asked if you should try Argentine Tango

Yes!! Do try it!! :D

If you go for the role as follower then it will be a little easier the first year, and please remember to be forgiving to your leader as long as he/she shows dedication, they have the hardest time the first 6-12months and need to practice 2-4 times more than the follower to keep up, unless they have excellent innate dancing abilities and very few have that. 

If possible, look for a leader with the following qualities; Musicality, rhythmic sense, patience, and (at least ) a bit of humility and humour - the same qualities as if you were looking for a follower. Anyone who practice martial arts(the types that require lots of dexterity/flexibility), dancing in general and/or yoga are often good candidates too.

But yes, if you want to do it right you really need to dig deep, stay focused and keep training technique/movements and take seasonal classes, it's a lifelong journey, you can always be better and enhance your technique. 

I'll recommend adding Contact Impro to your dance "regimen" as well as it will help you undestand the logic of cause/effect in regards to movement/dance, this is very important in Argentine Tango as it an improvised dance.

Also, stay in the "newbie" seasonal classes at least 3-4 seasons when you start out, walking and embrace/posture is what you learn in those classes and that means everything for doing it right later on, and even when you think you got it right continue to take workshops and attend seminars in walking and embrace/posture. People who have been dancing for 10+ years still take these types of classes to better their basic technicque.

A lot of people who start in tango don't go to Milongas(Tango dancesalons) and only dance with their dancepartner, that is the biggest mistake(besides lacking humility and humour), go out, dance, make a fool of yourself on the floor, it's ok!! Everyone have been there at some point!! Also dance 2-4 tandas(1 tanda is  3-4 tango melodies in a row) with your initial partner and then dance at least 2-6 tandas with everyone else, and the same goes for your leader (if you choose to be follower), then you will avoid getting used to the mistakes you do together... and far more important you will learn how to adapt to other dancers and their embrace, style, etc etc etc... this is a social dance, so make sure to be socia and learn from the experience meanwhilel!;)

Dance at least 2 times a week for at least a couple of hours each time, besides class!!

And pratice, practice, practice.... practice both together with your dancepartner and alone, you can practice a lot of technique alone.

And last but not least, Dancing Tango is very much like learning a language, the better you understand how to use the language the more possibilities opens up in using it, it's a never ending journey, and that I mean in the best possible way !:)

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Apr 15, 2016 12:53am
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I am a dancer!