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Mar 27, 2016 4:02pm
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Hey I'm looking for advice on what kinds of drinks or powders or food that is great for a on going fitness plan.

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Mar 27, 2016 6:12pm
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I drink and eat these for my clean eatting.

Drink: isopure (has 40grams of protein and no carbs) and water with mio flavors (has no sugar)

Eat: quest bars (20grams of protein)

Pure Egg whites ( carton)

Canadian bacon (is lowfat)

Ground turkey (instead of ground beef)

Chicken breast (two full pieces)

Lots of vegetables and fruits (i would try to get fruits that are more of a super food just to get more bang for the buck) kiwis have more potassium than a banana, more vitamin C than an orange, also has vitamin E.

Steer away from using coconut oil when cooking. ( people say its better than others but you not want a oil solidifies and then hardens again. Use olive oil * small amounts. 

If youre looking to lose weight keep the saterated fats below 7grams for the whole day.meaning if you eat sweets you just blew through those 7grams without knowing it

(I eat more than this ^ but this is just to give you a idea)

28 Mar
Aaron, Thank you for your VERY helpful tips, I'm sure your advice will help many others as well as the guy who asked for it.: ) I know there were things I wasn't aware of like kiwifruit being higher in potassium than Bananas. I struggle with my potassium levels Alot! So Thanks:-) Cindy
28 Mar
No problem Cindy:) i do what i can, i like helping people out. Kiwis are a amazing fruit and it will help with your intake forsure
30 Mar
Thank you !