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Apr 9, 2016 6:45am
So im back, ive been making workouts that ive posted on my wall, ive also been posting new progress pics, cant use the app rn because my tablets gone, in all I just thought id say im still working out, hope I can still be motivation to some ppl, and if youd like to see all the new workouts I create and my new progress photos, you'll have to follow me. Hope u all having a great time and are breaking a sweat :p remember the only workout that sux is the one that wasnt done.;)
09 Apr
Heh i've seen your pics and the workouts you made.Well done and great work.Hope you will be able to use the ap again ^^ But even without the app you can still workout and rock your body
09 Apr
Thanks christos ^~^ it Rlly means alot to me that someone thinks that, hope ur having a great day :)
14 Apr
I need to correct myself. When I gave you all that info on the authentic, 2000 year old Jiu-jitsu I called it Ippon Jiu-jitsu and that was wrong it it's actually called Nippon Jiu-jitsu.
14 Apr
That makes more sense amd js I think its a great yhong that u remembered and came back on my forum to twll me :)
20 Apr
Hi Jada, you don't know me but I wanted to know where to go to look at your workouts & accomplishments..... I really need help getting back into shape and losing weight before summer.
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Apr 19, 2016 2:30pm
via Android

I stepped away for a minute. ..I'm back for the very first time lol! Good luck!

20 Apr
thanks, good luck to u too :D
20 Apr
i got one in today:-) how about you?
20 Apr
ive only done one thing so far too, i went on an hr walk around town lol
20 Apr
hey, that's progress! lol! window shopping is motivating too....and so is shopping:-):-):-)lol

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