T1D -New to app, not the gym - Aiming to be my best!

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Aug 8, 2016 2:03am
via Android

Hey everyone. I'm new to this app and it looks great.

Here is where I am:

-28 y.o. male.
-Raleigh, NC USA
-188 lbs. w/ 13% body fat
-Type 1 Diabetic.
-Best shape I've ever been in.
-Always had great muscle development, but always was over weight. (Was up to 240 lbs. at one point)
-Athlete slowed down from knee and shoulder injuries.
-Just getting back to speed after shoulder rehab.


-1st time in my life I actually want to gain weight. (Ideally 195 lbs. with 10% body fat)
-Increase flexibility and strengthen shoulders.
-Maintain good b.s. with an ideal 6.0 a1C
-Better Cardo health (though I hate running)

If you share goals or you are a diabadass add me. Let's keep each other in check!