Another question..sorry yall

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Jan 25, 2013 7:53pm
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Hopefully im not annoying yall with my questions but im trying to get this all figured out. Ok..i have been doing some of these work outs on here plus throwing in some tae bo and zumba.. ok i am very out of shape and im a fluffy girl so i know that im not doing the moves exactly correct..but i stick thru them and question is that if im not doing them exact because im unable to at the moment am i still getting the benefits of the workout ?????

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Jan 25, 2013 8:05pm
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You Will probably get some benefits, but good form is key to get the best results and avoid injuries. If its your first time doing an excersise bad form is to be expected. Just keep improving and results Will Come. If you fore some reason cant do any type of excersise I recommend taking a step back to something less advanced.


If you want to do a lunge but you cant, go fore a supported split squat (hold something) if you have to do a pushups, but you cant go fore the knee version or the Wall version. If you have to do a plank but you cant go on all 4 instead or do a cat/cow pose. If you have to do Cobras but you cant go fore the Cobra pose.

Your getting the pattarn? Its better to go fore something less advanced Then to do it wrong. Also 70% of your results are diet. So work on that to :)