Can someone please help me with toning my legs and getting rid of the belly pooch

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Mar 2, 2013 10:26pm
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If anyone knows anyway to help please reply. I gotta lose this belly pooch! I used to do leg workouts all the time and then stopped now I have stretch marks but they are fading so I need help toning my leg muscles back I do squats and they help but not to much
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Mar 2, 2013 10:39pm
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I found doing cardio is best for both also try an ab workout once or twice a week! The p90x ab ripper is brilliant..the wall sit workout everyday as its only 100secs & even the chair pose for 2 mins. Planking aswell is great for both...
02 Mar
Thanks so much! I will try those! Should I try going on a diet? I try to but it's so hard to do that I can eat healthy but I have to have meat and stuff to fill me up. I don't eat much junk food.
02 Mar
Don't diet just eat well Hailey! Snack on the right foods drinks lots of water..I also found Yoga is great not only for flexibility but toning. Good Luck it takes time but when u see the difference it's such great motivation to keep going
02 Mar
I try my hardest to drink a lot of water but to much makes me sick to my stomach :( and thank you! I will continue eating well!