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Mar 4, 2013 5:33am
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Hi everyone! I'm new here and would love to know what to start off with workin out, my 20th bday is in 2 months and I want to buy myself a congragulatory batman bikini, I'm currently 154lbs or so and want to get back to at least 120lbs, please reply if you're intrested in havin a work out buddy or have any feedback! Hope yall's workout is goin well! <33!

04 Mar
I'm new to this as well. About the same goal, I'm about 160 and want back at 120 =)
04 Mar
Same here ;)
Mar 6, 2013 1:20am
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I am 154ish as well and hope to get back to the 120s. Im kind of new to this as well, but I've been doing easy workouts and stretching/yoga to strengthen my back. Im 17, about to be 18 and graduating.

06 Mar
Pounds that is, lol