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Mar 11, 2013 2:54am
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I love food! You guessed it the wrong ones. I love all things sweet , I don't do breakfast , barely get lunch but dinner is usually good all around. Fish , chicken, pork chops, buffalo nothing fried.
I don't have anything to make shakes and that seems like work. I'm lazy lets be honest here.

I need to be retrained and motivated!

11 Mar
Join the club, lol. You need to eat. Healthy snacks throughout the day keeps your metabolism up, burning more calories. Your body thinks it's starving cuz you're not eating, and burns LESS fat. Try lots of fruits & veggies. Hope this helps.
11 Mar
I agree with u
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Mar 11, 2013 11:10am
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Me too! Best tip I ever received was 'try to find healthy, tasty, low maintenance replacements for the 'unhealthy' foods you're eating now.' 
As for breakfast, try quick thinks like cereal (make sure it has at least 4g of fibre), even things like Carnation breakfast shakes are pretty good, just add milk :). Having something quick and healthy is better than nothing! Skipping meals (as I'm sure you know) totally tanks your metabolism and hinders not only weight loss but brain function as well. 
19 Mar
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