New fella from Canada

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Apr 3, 2013 10:18pm
via iOS
Hey everyone, pretty cool little (or big?) community you have here. Just joined up a few hours ago and I really like what this app provides, as well as all the support I see from everyone that is a part of it.

I'm 27, trying to lose some lbs for my upcoming wedding in August so I can surprise the little lady. I graduated at 175-180 and since then have lost my sporting muscle and put on some love handles that need some adjusting (I'm at 195 now). I'm not over-weight by any means, but have to tone up this bod of mine.

That said, any good pointers out there for this app and for working out in general? Kinda foreign to this since my metabolism just kicked in about a year ago, so any help is much appreciated! Cheers
03 Apr
Welcome! Pick your weapons and just make each workout a challenge! Some are as short as 1.30mins but pack some serious burn!
03 Apr
Good to know! Figure I should start at moderate and work my way up? And is it worth it to go pro?