Trying to eat healthy but I don't follow through 100%

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Apr 18, 2013 1:14am
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I eat pretty healthy for the most part. School consumes most of my day.. I used to bring a wheat bread sandwich with some lunch meats for lunch but i dont anymore.. ill bring cheese and crackers..a waterbottle, and have an apple everyday. My family and I cook healthy low calorie meals. I've been pretty good lately but Today I had a chicken parm sandwich ..probably not the best thing to eat. And if my sister makes brownies..ill have. etc. so i dont follow through with the whole healthy eating 100% I find it hard to resist sometimes. Any advice? Thanks
18 Apr
I found for me that just reading about gluten and dairy and how bad it was for the body was a good motivator. Also, try replacing a meal with a protein shake. Try foods like raw almonds and quinoa and avocados....those are the best. Eat a bit more raw veggies and also look into things called Hemp seeds....just sprinkle those bad sallies on salads and cereals and you will get a good amount of your daily zinc and other great stuff that should make your body feel better. Also, sometimes hunger gets confused for thirst. Have 6-8 glasses of water...
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Apr 18, 2013 1:20am
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I am right there with you we are human, but if you cheat try to eat half the portion instead of the wholemthing. Keep it up
18 Apr
Thanks! Keeping that in mind
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Apr 19, 2013 4:25am
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I don't find a problem with what you are doing. If you are working out and eating right most times it is ok to treat yourself sometimes. If you feel that guilty you might want to increase your workout. Instead of doing x amount of push ups you may want to add 5 more and say take that brownie. But you know you won't be just eating brownies and unhealthy sandwiches every month. Dont get too down when you pop something in your mouth that's not so healthy. The power is yours and you know that you can reverse your mistake. Its really nice to know your whole family eats healthy that should make it even easier. Good luck I think you will be just fine. and excercise. You do the math and tell me who's winning.

21 Apr
Ahhh you're awesome!! Thanks so much!