Do you like this app? And why?

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May 25, 2013 12:19pm
via iOS
Well, i love it! I choose what I want to do and it keeps me fit! People using this app are awesome!
25 May
yes i do i think its a great way to get back into the world of exercise in the convenience of your home. Great job
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May 25, 2013 1:38pm
via Android

Yesss! I love it! It has great workouts, easy to use, and its free!!! Unless u want to be a pro. But free workouts are already GOOD!

Aside from that u can talk to ur fellow Skimblers and encourage each other to keep going. U can even get great advices from the great people in here.

I've gained friends around the world!!! (why no Philippine flag?? Lol)

Awesome app!

25 May
You forgot your fellow south east asian friend here... ^_^
25 May
Alyah!!! I didn't forget u. My dear friend who helped me boost my confidence. Lol. U're one of my great friends here, Alyah... mwah!!
25 May
Aaww, that's so sweet Cielo.. <3
25 May
Oh, that's sweet! I agree 100000000% people here are AWESOMEEEEEEEEE! I've made so many friends:-) Well there is not a greek flag either!:P ahaha