Looking to trim my core

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Jun 1, 2013 1:46pm
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Hey everybody, just looking for some input. I frequent the gym a few times a week for two hours or so. I start with my stretches, then move to weights, crossfit, then my cores and then finish with 45 minutes of cardio. My problem is is that I've been seeing results everywhere except for my core. Well not entirely true, I've been slimming down and see some definition but not as I'd like. I think maybe I've plateaued and have been thinking of supplements. I've changed my diet to cut the fatty food as well so that's not the problem. Just seeing how others do their workouts to see what I can do differently and if you use any supplements what would you recommend. Thanks!! Sorry for the long post haha
01 Jun
do the same thing. If your seeing results that's great and your core will be the last thing that you'll be able to see. So stick to your plan and good luck!