How to get toned abs fast?

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Jun 2, 2013 11:27pm
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I've been working out for awhile and I started using this app again but I still don't have toned abs. Can some one help me get toned abs fast?
03 Jun
Diet diet diet you can do a hundred sit-ups a day if you eat shitty you will not have abs great abs are made in the kitchen
03 Jun
Lisa is right. To get toned and look good you have to remember that it is roughly 70% nutrition and 30 % exercise. These days, most think working out everyday but eating semi okay will get them results. It may, but you are limiting the potential your body has by doing this. Become disciplined on your eating habits first, and then you will see how much more your body can succeed.
Jun 2, 2013 11:33pm
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Same problem here, sista.
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Jun 2, 2013 11:40pm
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Sorry to break to ya, but it is way harder for a girl to get abs then a guy. It will take a while, so have patience. Feel free to try my ab workout...Rock Hard Abs
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Jun 3, 2013 5:59am
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It does take ages and tons of hard work to get any visible abs. Took me 3 months of almost daily abs work and I've still not quite got a 6-pack. Good luck

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Jun 3, 2013 6:23am
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There really is no fast track. I've been on the journey for a while and I have only just started seeing my abs. The biggest advice I can give you is have a clean diet. Without that you won't get anywhere. As others have stated abs are made in the kitchen, 70% diet 30% exercise.
Don't leave out the weight training, trust me it won't make you bulky but help define those muscles hiding. Cardio is a must and of course abdominal exercise, but give Them rest...also don't fool yourself into believing spot reduction because that also isn't true.
Good luck!