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Jun 3, 2013 3:29pm

My elbow hurts so bad that I can't even hold a drink in my hand. Anyone ever had this happen to them. When I start to lift, it feels fine until I am done and then my forearm and joint throb and havent stopped. been going on about 5 months only it is progressively getting worse.

Any Suggestions?

04 Jun
Have you tried a tendinitis elbow brace. It sounds like a problem I had once and the brace helped a lot.
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Jun 4, 2013 2:57am
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Yes! Not as bad as you have it but I got it really bad last shoulder day! I stopped lifting for like 20 mins and it was better but I got mine from delt flys or facepulls one of those too. In my unprofessional opinion I'd say you need to get it looked at because the max you should wait for stuff to heal is like 1-2 weeks and that's pushing it :P