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Mar 13, 2014 1:53pm
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I am not the best cook, I like simple things. On the one hand that almost forces me to be "paleo" at times, because if I have a pepper and I don't know how to cook it I'll just eat it as is (which of course is delicious). I try to have healthy, small meals throughout the day, but I don't have a lot of variety and I am clueless as to what else I can eat. I'm getting tired of what I eat everyday.

So my question for everyone is, what do you eat? Whether it's your healthy small meals, snacks, or meals you cook to eat with friends and family? I'd love simple ideas and any recipes to learn! =)

14 Mar
I tend to buy basic things that you can make alot of different meals from. Stock up your pantry with herbs and spices it's amazing how you can manipulate so many flavors with them. If you are pressed for time make the crock pot your best friend lol . You can put together a ton of yummy make ahead meals and freeze them for later .
19 Apr
I eat proteins vegs and complex carbs at each meal. For example, my lunch may consist of a plate of pasta (complex carbs) with cherry tomatoes or other vegs, sautés vegs (ì only use evo and lots of spices) and grilled chicken which i dress with Lemon juice, evo, oregano. Another meal may consist of cous cous (complex carbs) with vegs (eggplants, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, carrots, peppers etc... Which i always Cook in an antiadhesive saucepan with 1tbsp of evo and lots of spices and black pepper, when they're almost cooked i add chicken or turkey and then i add...
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Mar 13, 2014 3:50pm
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Kale chips or Kale salad with cucumbers and alittle parmesan cheese then I take a little red wine vinegar n oil n itilian seasoning for the dressing. Avocado and cucumber sandwich, beans, a bowl of different berries.

13 Mar
@ Heather wondering if you had any more quik- fst avocado receipes i have two trees that are finally go to produce
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Mar 14, 2014 12:53am
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It's okay to keep things simple and you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen to eat healthy. Meat wise, if you have a small grill, you can just use a lean piece of meat put on some of your favorite spices, grill and done. On the side, you can either have sautéed vegetables with just a bit if olive or coconut oil and some spices or a salad. I personally think that having a few different condiments helps create variety even if you have the same type of foods several days in a row. 
14 Mar
Thank you so much I really appreciate it!!! I don't have a small grill but I might just look into one =)
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Mar 14, 2014 1:10pm
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That's great advice!!!!!!! I haven't experimented with slices a lot so I really like that idea!! And I'll have to look up crock pot ideas =)) Thanks I appreciate it!


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