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Dec 14, 2013 11:55am

I think that WT would benefit from a simple feature - sorting workouts. By popularity [likes], newest/oldest first. And most useful, but little more advanced - gaining popularity. If here's a new workout that is getting more likes than ones that have been around, I would like to try it out!

Sorting by popularity helps people to see most popular workouts, those that have been user-approved. Newest first is for people that want all the newest stuff. They have the newest phone, new shoes every week, new everything... You get the picture ;) Oldest first - to see the first exercises ever, like, 1994... :D Just kidding, WT isn't that old :) And I explained the last one already...

So... I would like to hear what app creators think about this as well as fellow users... Thank you and have a good workout!